The compliment to any private solution provider, Satere Karenhatase counts on the global strenght of referals and having appropriate mandate representation where and when appropriate.  Once a Mandate option is considered and there is more than mere passing names and files, Mandates are legally appointed with official notarized and registered appointments based on a period of time and all fully confirmable in writing and/or verbally by scheduling a call time with me directly.

All Legally Appointed Mandates share the common goal and insight for the betterment of our global humanitarian needs.  These are men and women of integrity, cultural diversity, self-awareness and of ethical values who understand the Native element of being able to co-exist and prosper collectively always assuring family is key. 

Each Mandate has a direct email address associated to their respective appointment and it is anticipated along with this email address each may also choose to use their own individual means of communication.

Adriano Dos Santos

South Africa

Sandra Cecilia Málaga Prado

Trinity Trust Holding SA

Peru/Central America

Sir James Michael Judge

Consulting & Logistics

United Kingdom

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Paul Weeks

Strata Group UK

United Kingdom/Cyprus

Dmitri Boudovitch

Progressio Consulting


Vishaal Siingh Jain

Castle Consultants


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