Started with a decade plus of international business management and management training for small to mid-sized companies, Satere Karenhatase is dedicated to providing clients with honest and truthful solutions and services. For some advisors or business consultants you are merely a piece of the paycheck, however, when simply digging up information and tracking a possible quick match doesn't cut it. Here you will discover a lot more goes into being a respected and sought after solution provider.  As things go, we are absolutely one of the top in the industry noting our benefit is our worldwide base of affiliates with a proven beneficial reach, you as the client, benefit from directly.

Over the years we've handled, private citizens, major corporations, private trusts and residency requests getting them the information and needed solutions. From simple project financing to full hands integration and project management the affiliated teams behind the name have proven time and again, we've got the skills, knowledge and resources that our deserving clients need for success.



Satere Karenhatase's direct and most revered goal and ambition is to have the return of respect to the Native Peoples which the Colonialist governments continually attempt to destroy by segregation, imposing cultural divide and separation of contiguous lands.  Of course the highest insult these agencies force upon our brethren far and near is the daily fight to have our names and language accepted.  The disrespect to our Native Peoples globally has now spilled to the individual and their inherit rights as well. Our Goal is to bring the individual and the Native peoples back to a position of wealth and the ability to have and hold their own wealth and be free of the governmental interference.  While federal governments refuse to allow air travel with our traditional Haudenosaunee Passports other nations, countries and states allow this respect to be enjoyed.


Satere Karenhatase enjoys the nature the Creator provides us, being both spiritual and religiously grounded is only the foundation and cornerstone he is.  Practicing a wide variety of activites from mentoring youth to culinary indulgences including making a very pleasant red wine directly from grapes.  Sharing traditional teachings and experience with all who are curious is always something to consider which is often a ice-breaker in a crowd. Among sports an avid bowling and rollerblading the joy of open road presents the long distance bicycling.  Hot air ballooning and water recreational sports from canoeing to yachting continues to entice a get-away from the daily grind.  Then again, the daily grind can easily be the appreciation of fresh brewed Espresso as the work obligations we all face.


H. E. Satere Karenhatase maintains his position as Aotearoa Ambassador At Large to The Americas for the Maori Sovereign Tribe of Te Atue E Wa pursuant to the Employment Agreement, executed and sealed June 10th 2016, by The Maori Sovereign Cheif and Minister of Foreign Affairs Eru Ariki Manukau the associated second-term Appointment Recognition of the same date effictive for three (3) years. 

The emerging State of The Republic of New Lemuria pursuant to the Letter of Appointment executed and sealed November 12th 2014 by President Sir Richard James, McDonald,
appointed H.E. Satere Karenhatase as Deputy Minister of Finance effictive until November 20th 2023

Satere Karenhatase like many traditional Peoples the common misconceptions easier to accept are daily contritions typical colonialist education does not promote adequate facts about.  Herein are many such slights which hopfully to bring clarity to the public and avoid ignorance being so easily accepted.  

First and foremost would have to be the understanding of what a Sovereign Native North American is versus a Federal Native. Understanding the colonialist oppressors continued ignorance to follow the greivace mistake of Colombus who was to proud or foolish to emphasize he did not make his journey to India where he was to interact with Indians.  The First Peoples of North America no matter if you refer to the Pablo, Cherokee, Sioux or Haudenosaunee were never "Indians" from India but factually the First Nations and Natives of Turtle Island (what is known by non-natives as North America) this is fact pre-Colombus.  Notable mention in the book titled 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus [Charles C. Mann]

Fun Fact #1: Did you know a Sovereign Native Peoples cannot be controlled by the oppressing colonialist! If you here Natives saying; "we are sovereign" cannot be rerceiving monies to their Tribe, Nation or Peoples from the oppressing governments.  The Haudenosaunee have their own passports, laws, government and international bi-lateral treaties just like Canada, Mexico or the Untided States of America.  See a newspaper article describing this Haudenosaunee Passport

The Haudenosaunee Confederacy comprises of Six Nations. Originally they were formed by five tribes: the Cayuga, Onondaga, Mohawk, Seneca, and Oneida. Later, in the 1700s, the Tuscarora tribe joined, calling themselves collectively as the Haudenosaunee which means People of the Longhouse. 

Fun Fact #2: The Haudenosaunee Confederacy most commonly mistaken and/or referred to by the demeaning and atrocious slander as 'Iroquios'.  Expressed this way purposely as the common term "Iroquois" was what the Algonquin (a native nation which sided with French exployers referring to the Haudenosaunee as "Snakes in the Grass" their term in their language as "Iroquios" shared with the French.  The British called them the Five Nations.

The Story of Creation for the Haudenosaunee, Native Peoples, may be very ubscure and unknown so if you are interested in such consideration click The Story of Creation

Fun Fact #3: The Iroquois Flag (depicted on the Homepage Header) represents the Hiawatha wampum belt. The belt is comprised of thirty eight rows, having a heart as a great tree in the center, on either side there are two squares, all are connected with the heart by white rows of wampum. The belt is the emblem of unity among the Five Nations.

The first square on the left represents the Mohawk Nation, Keeper of the Eastern Door. The inner square on the left, nearest the heart represents the Oneida Nation. The white tree in the middle represents the Onondaga Nation. This tree also means that the heart of the Five Nations is single in loyalty to the Great Law of Peace. The Great Peace is lodged in the heart, meaning that the Haudenosaunee council fire is to burn at Onondaga, serving as the capitol of the Haudenosaunee. It also means that the authority is given to advance the cause of peace. The inner square to the right of the heart represents the Cayuga Nation. The last square, the one furthest to the right represents the Seneca Nation, known as Keeper of the Western Door.

The two lines extending from each side of the squares of the belt, from the Mohawk and Seneca Nations represents a path of peace that other Nations are welcome to travel, to take shelter beneath the Great Tree of Peace, and join the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.

Satere Karenhatase was raised within the Haudenosaunee Mohawk culture, a matriarchal society with values and traditional respect to Elders and all People alike.  He is a proud father and grandfather to an impressive daughter and awesome grandson, and in so being, also understands the importance of family and asset protection for your legacy.

While 2016 sought a bright direction for building a family with the proclaimed devotion and family union from the unexpected transition with Miss Audrey Marie DeWitt (AKA "Anders" her chosen modeling persona) the appointed Exectutive Personal Assistant to a would be wife and mother of a growing family.  There was the catholist to personal acceptance something in the moral fiber and judicial system is gravely lacking when such immoral and unethical actions such as killing an unborn child for pure selfish reasons without any discussion, involvement or acceptance of the father can so easily be considered with the family claiming their christian values, not only accepting but supporting this loathly decision.  Miss DeWitt made  quick  to  reunite  with  her past  not only proving  destructive to the life of a 'unprotected  unborn'  child

also the professional attributes H. E. Satere Karenhatase continued to build committing grievous loss to the respect and moral standing he values to fuel defamatory claims made with others when our union was made publically known.

It is said; "For the worthy from even bad soil shall good come" taking this adversity reaching back to the most humble of life experiences, solace was evidently found not only in Spiritual reflection also prayer, amassed time in church, finding those true friends amidst the sharks and talkers not doers of good.  2017 started strong with the January acceptance of a new hands-on involvement as Director of Financial Development for a local Atlanta prolife nonprofit start-up.

Alliance of Life Advocates, Inc. based in Atlanta, Georgia, is a not for profit corporation whose mission statement is to offer meaningful financial support and promotion of organizations offering support and services to men & women facing difficult circumstances related to pregnancy. This includes post-abortion counseling, perinatal hospice after a prenatal diagnosis, and infant adoption as an alternative to abortion, improved foster care and offering solutions to infant abandonment.  The goal is personal, yes, to ensure no father or parent is forced to negate life, God's 'gift' for satanic greed.